heck yeah it’s a real shell. lets you fork, image, save and share real shells on real machines, all from your browser. It's perfect for playing with new projects, bug hunting, demos (or just catching a quick ASCII game). Run any of our base images anonymously, or create a free account for network access, higher CPU and memory limits, forking/images, and much more!

instantly useful.

Our base images are a great place to start. Interested in WebAssembly? Try the Extism Go snap. Always wanted to play with NixOS? There's one for that too. Debian and Alpine are perfect for trying out Linux. Want to share it with a friend? Fork it to your account and toss them the link, it's as simple as that.

usefully secure.

We run your shells in a VM, and if you create an account we'll put you on a dedicated one. We don't capture any logs or terminal data: When you run a shell, it's a direct connection from your browser to the VM.

We collect and store only what is necessary to run your shells. Accounts require a verified email address, but we only use it to contact you about the service and never provide it to anyone else. You can completely delete your account at any time. We don't use bullshit analytics or unnecessary cookies.

reasonably priced.

You can run any of our base images anonymously, but you'll need a free account for network access. Free accounts can create up to three images by forking a base image. Paid accounts can create or upload an unlimited number of images.

run by real people. was created by Consolidated Development Environments, Inc. We're a developer tools company, not a megacorp. We give a damn about software, systems, and the humans who wrangle them. So we make fast, focused, and respectful tools that do the job and get out of your way.